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We are glad that you are considering The Carlson Law Firm for assistance. JOHN W.CARLSON has been a licensed attorney since May 2000, and opened an office in Kerrville,Texas, in March of 2001. MR. CARLSON is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
“OUR primary focus is estate planning, guardianships, probate, and trusts; but WE ARE

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also proficient in other areas. WE frequently work on real estate matters and assist
clients with setting up and running various kinds of businesses. WE also represent
clients in civil lawsuits.”

The Carlson Law Firm, has a set hourly rate.

Feel assured, by working with our firm you will be treated with the understanding
and respect that you deserve. Working in the many areas of specialization we are
extremely thorough and utilize the expertise of colleagues and experts in specialized
fields that may be required in some cases. You can expect to receive the finest
service from our firm.

Please do not hesitate to call with questions pertaining to estate planning,
guardianships, probate, and trusts, as well as setting up new corporate entities.


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